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Texas Department of Information Resources

Texas ISAO Request Form

To request membership in the Texas ISAO, review the following terms and submit a request form.

Texas Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (TX-ISAO) membership and ability to access or interact with TX-ISAO channels are subject to the following terms and conditions. TX-ISAO channels are defined to include but are not limited to posts made on or to the ISAO Portal, emails made through ISAO mailing lists, presentation materials, advisories or newsletters, white papers, briefings, and webinars and/or other trainings.

  • All persons receiving information distributed through TX-ISAO channels must abide by the Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) levels when receiving and re-sharing information. The TLP levels are available at www.us-cert.gov/tlp.
  • Information distributed through TX-ISAO channels shall not be disclosed, disseminated, or otherwise made available for review or inspection to or by the public, in whole or in part, unless the information is affirmatively classified as TLP: White within the document to be released or is otherwise authorized for release by DIR's Public Information Officer.
  • The materials provided to members through TX-ISAO channels are for informational use or purposes only. Any thoughts, ideas, opinions, notifications, advisories, or recommendations shared are offered solely for member consideration and may not be relevant to your entity or apply to the member's circumstances or incident.
  • Any third-party views and opinions do not necessarily reflect those of DIR or its employees. By sharing this material, DIR does not endorse any particular person, entity, vendor, product, application or software, opinion, recommendation, or service.
  • A private company must not use information received through TX-ISAO channels about a governmental entity's needs or security issues to obtain an unfair competitive advantage. A private company is also prohibited from directly contacting or reaching out to a governmental entity regarding solutions to governmental entity needs or security issues based upon information obtained or learned from TX-ISAO channels.

Please indicate at the point of your registration for TX-ISAO membership whether you are associated with a public or private sector entity. These terms are defined as follows:

  • Public: Governmental entities including state agencies, local governments, special districts, and political subdivisions; school districts; community colleges; public institutions of higher education.
  • Private: Companies; non-profit organizations; private institutions of higher education; for-profit higher education.
DIR will verify whether your member entity qualifies as the entity that you indicated upon your registration. If DIR determines that you marked a nonapplicable entity type, a representative from DIR may make an effort to contact you regarding any correction that must occur.

Please indicate to which sector(s) you would like access. These sectors dictate which TX-ISAO channels and communications you are able to access or receive. While both public and private sector entities are able to be members of the TX-ISAO, access to certain sector TX-ISAO channels may be restricted to particular membership sectors at DIR's discretion due to the sensitive and specific nature of the materials found therein. DIR will determine whether to grant a member's request to access a restricted sector. DIR's decision on restricted sector access is final.

If you receive access to a TX-ISAO channel or communication to which you believe you should not have been granted access or received, notify DIR at ISAO@dir.texas.gov immediately upon identification of the potentially improper access.
Public: Government bodies or entities, school districts, community colleges, public higher education, etc.
Private: Companies, non-profits, for-profit higher education, etc.
Texas ISAO communications will be targeted to the affected sector(s).
Select one or more sectors to receive communications. Note: access to some sectors is restricted and will be granted in accordance with eligibility requirements:

By requesting TX-ISAO membership, I agree to abide by the above stated requirements. I understand that a TX-ISAO member who fails to comply with these conditions may be removed from the TX-ISAO membership roster and have their access to the ISAO Portal revoked at DIR's discretion.